I-95 Northbound Rappahannock River Crossing

JMT is the lead designer for this $107.5M VDOT Design-Build project to add 6 miles of 3 new I-95 NB general-purpose (GP) lanes in a notoriously congested area of I-95. The lanes will be added to the existing median of I-95, and the existing NB lanes will be converted to a collector-distributor (CD) road between the Route 3 and Route 17 interchanges. The project includes 2 bridges - a new 1,200-foot-long, 100-foot-high bridge over the Rappahannock River for the new NB GP lanes, and a replacement bridge for the existing I-95 CD road over Route 17. The project will connect with the planned southern extension of the Express Toll Lanes.


Stafford County, VA


Virginia Department of Transportation

JMT is managing a multi-discipline team consisting of roadway design, bridge design, drainage design, stormwater management design, environmental permitting, MOT, traffic and ITS design, geotechnical investigation and testing, and public involvement, surveying, utility designation, and noise wall analysis and design. JMT is responsible for securing all environmental permits and ROW for the project. The project required coordination with FHWA, VDOT, EPA, DEQ, US Army COE, VMRC, VDGIF, City of Fredericksburg, and Stafford County. Stakeholders coordinated with include local emergency responders, homeowners concerned about noise walls, environmental groups, river and trail user groups, and utility companies. Extensive coordination with two other major projects that overlap construction limits with this project is required. JMT is responsible for addressing requests for information from the contractor and performing shop drawing reviews.