Kelly Drive Stormwater Retrofit and Tributary Restoration

JMT prepared and submitted final design plans and specifications for proposed Best Management Practices (BMP) for stormwater management (SWM) retrofits at various locations within Philadelphia's Fairmount Park East Park Plateau.


Philadelphia, PA


City of Philadelphia

JMT completed several related tasks for the Fairmount Park Commission, including the Kelly Drive Stormwater Management Retrofits and the Saint George’s Road Stormwater Management Retrofits and Tributary Restoration. On these tasks, JMT provided professional engineering services and worked collaboratively with the Fairmont Park Commission (FPC) to progress and implement the planning principles of the Bridge to Bridge (Kelly Drive between the Strawberry Mansion Road and Girard Avenue bridges over the Schuylkill River) Master Plan for retro-fitting the East Park Plateau with sited stormwater BMPs to provide an initial step toward restoring the landscape and enabling the long term sustainable use of the study area.

SWM Retrofits for this task were developed with input of the FPC to ensure any proposed improvements fit with FPC’s budget, programmed uses, and maintenance resources. The task was initiated with potential sites and applicable BMPs being identified. BMP alternatives were conceptually evaluated with respect to type, size, location, impact to existing natural and built features and anticipated cost. JMT worked with FPC representatives and Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) staff to identify acceptable retrofit options to best meet task objectives and budgets. Considerations for selecting BMPs included effectiveness to attenuate more frequent rainfall events, provide channel protection, and enhance water quality while minimizing adverse construction impacts to natural features and park amenities.

Final proposed retrofits were designed and implemented in accordance with the PADEP BMP Manual and PWD Stormwater Management Guidance manual, and included naturalized detention/infiltration basins, bio-retention, retentive berms, and level spreaders. Extensive landscape features and plantings were also incorporated to enhance retrofit aesthetics, reduce maintenance needs, and maintain the park setting.