Renewable Energy Structural Engineering Services

JMT performed energy structural engineering consulting services for a planned solar farm including permitting, site due diligence, and site inspection


Maryland Transit Authority


Maryland DOT - MTA



With real estate and land at a premium, developers look for feasible, economical solutions. For this project, the developer wanted to use roof space to construct solar panels to power the facility. JMT structures group was contracted to design the structural frame to mount the solar panels. Each frame design is different based on the structure, number of panels, weight, location, seismic variances, etc. The building is structurally analyzed to verify the structural ability to support the various loads imposed by the solar panel configuration. Once the building is deemed adequate, the sign specifications from the solar developer is used to design the steel frame required to support the panels. This project was a 10,000 sf canopy with complete overlay of solar panels for power generation.