Underwater Inspection of Miry Run Bridge

JMT’s professional divers inspected a New Jersey bridge in serious condition and designed the needed repairs.


Atlantic County, NJ


Atlantic County, NJ

JMT provided an in-depth underwater inspection of abutments on a bridge that crosses Miry Run in southeastern New Jersey. Previous NBIS inspections identified the abutments to be in serious condition. Our in-depth inspection confirmed its condition and identified numerous large voids with multiple missing stones, ranging up to 17 feet long and 6 feet high.

Upon completing the inspection, a Priority 1 repair recommendation to address the voids was sent to the County. JMT developed a repair design and contract documents in less than a week to fill these large voids in the abutment. The repair included cleaning the remaining stone, installing epoxy-coated welded wire fabric, and pumping underwater grout into the forms to fill the void. The design tasks included in-depth inspection and underwater inspection, abutment void repair design, construction cost estimate development, and constructability analysis.