US 22/Chimney Rock Road Interchange

Staff provided construction inspection services for a new intersection in New Jersey.

JMT provided resident engineering inspection services to the County of Somerset for the new interchange at US 22 and Chimney Rock Road in Bridgewater, NJ.

As part of the project, eastbound and westbound lanes in the existing median were created on US 22. Feasibility required that US 22 be depressed, since the Norfolk Southern Railroad crossing paralleling the new Chimney Rock Road Bridge was already at grade. The 22-foot excavated US 22 section allowed two new structural steel overhead span bridges to be built to connect the north and south sections of both Chimney Rock Road and the Norfolk Southern Railroad spur. As part of depressing express US 22, several retaining walls were built. Additionally, the existing US 22 Bridge at Millpond Creek and Chimney Rock Road Bridge over I-287 were widened; both constructed of structural steel. Four new sign structures were erected: two overhead sign supported structures, and two cantilever sign structures; all four structures supported by spread footings.

The previously divided US 22 now serves as local lanes, allowing access from both the north and south sections of Chimney Rock Road to US 22, and to the entrance ramps for the UPS center and lumber yard to the south and the quarry to the north.

Extensive utility relocations were required to accomplish this project, as well as maintaining access to the many businesses along US 22 and the south leg of Chimney Rock Road. Traffic control and safety of the traveling public as well as the workers were of the highest concern.