Diversity is embracing the dissimilarities among people through respect for and appreciation of differences in perspectives, work experiences, lifestyles, and cultures. Inclusion is the state of being valued, respected, and supported.

JMT celebrates diversity and inclusion by supporting and encouraging all our employees to be innovative, collaborative, and feel comfortable sharing their unique perspectives.

We recognize the critical importance of advocating for and sustaining a diverse workforce and inclusive work environment. We believe that diversity and inclusion are essential to our continued success because they enrich the quality of service we provide our clients, as well as the environment in which we work.

JMT Women's Influence Network

JMT Women’s Influence Network (WIN) is the first business resource group (BRG) at JMT, a voluntary, employee-led group based on shared characteristics.

JMT WIN was established by a group of driven people who wanted to address the need for a collaborative forum across all of JMT, where employees could discuss topics specific to women, share and grow in positive ways, and be agents of influence.

The group's mission is working together to connect, inspire, and empower women across JMT. Its vision is to positively influence a work environment that supports career growth, professional and personal development, and inclusiveness for everyone.

JMT Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)

JMT Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) is a Business Resource Group (BRG) within JMT. This BRG was initiated in 2020 in response to the racial disparities in America, with the goal to educate and bridge the divide amongst different peoples of varying backgrounds. 

BIPOC was established to provide support to individuals within the organization as well as attracting and retaining a more diverse talent pool. 

The BIPOC BRG's vision aligns with JMT's vision to support employees in their career aspirations, while balancing work and home life, bring to the forefront the communities in which we work, live, and serve. We believe in supporting BIPOC employees to retain and promote great talent at JMT which is an investment in the future success of the company. This will further encourage employees to be invested in JMT's success since engaging with people from diverse backgrounds leads to more accurate group thinking that will influence business decisions.

JMT Promoting Respect for Identity Diversity and Equity (PRIDE)

The purpose of the JMT Promoting Respect for Identity Diversity and Equity (PRIDE) business resource group is to bring employees together to increase overall organizational and individual awareness of issues affecting LGBTQIA+ employees at JMT.

PRIDE will be a platform for LGBTQIA+ and all staff to share ideas, expand knowledge, advocate for one another, and offer support, ultimately in order to lead to a more inclusive workplace structure and culture.