Promoting renewable energy while maintaining reliable domestic oil and gas infrastructure is a national priority. Access to an abundant supply of natural resources is a game changer for our economy, energy security, and environment. The oil and gas industry is challenged with regulatory compliance, transportation logistics, and design and technology changes. Our emerging role to support this industry while protecting the environment puts us in the center of the oil and gas marketplace.

JMT understands that challenges facing this industry cannot always be anticipated. Our project managers serve as extensions of your company and development team, responsible for applying a business philosophy of timely and quality service, safety and relationship-building. JMT has also completed safety screenings through PICS and ISNetworld.

Our knowledge of and long-standing relationships with local government, counties, and regulators allows us to successfully provide the following services for oil and gas exploration, production and transmission in all states:

Land Services

  • Lease checks
  • Mineral title and receivership
  • Leasing and acquisitions
  • Abstracts/runsheets
  • Title and examination
  • Right-of-way services
  • Land use analysis
  • Land owner and leaseholder mapping
  • Title mapping

Construction Monitoring & Inspection

  • Right-of-way and roadway inspection
  • Traffic control inspection
  • Construction management
  • Certified coating inspection
  • Facility and pipeline inspection
  • Project management
  • Scheduling services
  • Project controls/planning
  • Logistics
  • Contract solicitation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Public outreach and involvement
  • Winter maintenance planning
  • Certified welding inspection
  • Compaction testing

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

  • Right-of-way
  • Surveys
  • Spatial data
  • Infrared technology (FLIR)

Engineering Services

  • Surveying/GPS and mapping
  • Subsurface utility locating
  • Site design
  • Roadway bonding, road user maintenance agreements,
    and permitting
  • Roadway and bridge design
  • Permitting – highway occupancy
  • Structure design
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Routing plan assessments
  • Pipeline design, layout, and as-built surveys
  • Water supply surveys, locating, and testing
  • Well pad and impoundment design
  • Water management plans
  • Preparedness, prevention, and contingency spill prevention plans
  • Piping and instrumentation diagram drawing preparation
  • Highway occupancy permits
  • Mapping
  • Pipeline alignment
  • Right-of-way plans, alignment, and surveying
  • Facility equipment and piping isometric drawings
  • Asset integrity engineering – Mechanical Integrity Plans, API (American Petroleum Institute)
  • OSHA PSM engineering

Environmental Services

  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) compliance planning
  • Environmental assessments
  • Cultural resources
  • Rare, threatened, and endangered species investigations
  • Noise and air quality studies
  • Water quality analysis
  • Natural resources evaluation
  • Environmental testing
  • Wetland delineation and mitigation
  • Environmental permitting
  • Erosion and sediment inspection
  • Erosion and sediment control plans