COMPASS is the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) new online licensing and registration system.  Customers are now able to purchase hunting and fishing licenses or obtain off-road vehicle registrations directly from DNR’s website.

JMT Technology Group worked in partnership with the DNR to plan and execute the migration to COMPASS from the agency’s legacy licensing and registration system.  Key components included the design and development of a new relational database and a publicly-accessible web application.

The new system generates and emails the customer an electronic copy of the license within 30 minutes of purchase and automatically issues each customer a new DNRid card, creating an easy way to renew or make new purchases.

COMPASS is also available at service centers and sports license agent locations throughout Maryland.

This project was featured in March during a newscast on WJZ-TV, the CBS Baltimore station affiliate. (Click here to read the story posted on the local CBS website and view the broadcast segment.)

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