JMT Technology Group (JMT) is now qualified for Esri’s new ArcGIS Online Specialty Designation. This special designation is reserved for Esri partners who have developed a proven set of value-added services and solutions that help users implement and optimize ArcGIS Online in their organizations.

With this specialty, we will continue to help our users leverage ArcGIS Online and implement it in a way that will advance their businesses and simplify their workflows.

“As a long-standing Esri partner, our team is excited about the opportunity to assist organizations with effective utilization of the ArcGIS Online platform,” says Regional Director, Bob Pliszka, PMP, GISP. “Our focus will be on extending the use of the platform within our client organizations while maintaining an intuitive and meaningful interaction with the maps and apps.”

JMT achieved this specialty designation in part by providing ArcGIS Online solution projects for state and local government clients including:

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) – Managing NPDES Regulatory Requirements Using ArcGIS Online Platform

To support JMT’s environmental field crews with in-field outfall inventory collection, JMT harnessed the power of Esri’s ArcGIS Online. An ArcGIS Server Feature Service is mashed up with the Virginia Geographic Information Network (VGIN) base imagery and served through ArcGIS Online to the iOS ArcGIS application for data collection, updates, and photos. The Cloud-hosted data is used to populate VDOT forms used for Environmental Protection Agency reporting.

City of Newark, DE – GIS Consulting: Setup, Configuration, and Utilization of the ArcGIS Online Platform

JMT Technology Group was selected by the City of Newark, DE, to institute a new Esri-based solution in support of stormwater database development, data management, mobile access, and web map development.  In addition, JMT is working closely with other various departments within the City to implement a city-wide GIS strategy that includes both internal and public facing data, maps, and apps. Working with the City’s GIS Committee, JMT has helped to establish and promote the City’s ArcGIS Online portal as the central location for accessing and viewing spatial information products. The locations of the city’s parks and amenities, locations and compositions of the snow routes, and the locations of wireless routers are some of the information products available to City employees and the public.

Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission – Public-Facing GIS Portal 

The Maryland-National Capital Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) and the Montgomery County Council partnered with JMT Technology Group to prepare a detailed user’s guide that introduces inter-agency users to ArcGIS Online and offers best practices in the applications of ArcGIS Online. Specifically, the guide provides an overview of the necessary steps for publishing content, sharing data to the Gallery, developing web maps to create Story Maps, and creating data content for field data collection.  Supplementing the user guide, JMT Technology Group also provided in-depth hands-on training sessions to inter agency members and the Council on how to use the umbrella ArcGIS Online Portal based on the user guide. The training covered key elements and walked the user step-by-step in creating and publishing GIS content to the umbrella portal, as well as creating a web application and conducting field data collection using Esri’s Collector Application.

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