The District of Columbia Department of Energy and Environment held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Nash Run stream restoration on June 3, 2016.

Nash Run, a first-order tributary of the Anacostia River located in northeast Washington, DC, was prone to intense stream flows due to its heavily urbanized character. During rainstorms, a large amount of trash and debris would wash out of the storm sewer system, choking portions of the stream and creating areas for ponding and mosquito breeding. Nash Run contributes 3% of the total floatable trash load to the Anacostia River.

JMT designed a 1,400-linear-foot stream restoration for a highly degraded section of the tributary in order to provide water quality improvements and meet TMDL and MS4 permit requirements for the Anacostia River. The project includes a trash BMP collection system capable of removing 100% of all floatable trash prior to entering the restoration.

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