Modern Steel Construction (MSC) magazine recently polled its readers as it conducted a “Favorite Bridge” competition, which was open to all first-place winning bridges in the National Steel Bridge Alliance’s (NSBA) Prize Bridge competition since it began in 1928.  Results of the voting were announced in MSC’s November 2011 issue.  The Paper Mill Road Bridge, a JMT project located in Baltimore County, Maryland, was one of the top three vote-getters to be selected for People’s Choice Awards, along with the Rainbow Bridge of Niagara Falls, NY, and the Colonel Patrick O’Rorke Bridge of Rochester, NY.  In addition to the three People’s Choice award winners, other Favorite Bridges honored with Industry Choice awards included the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

The Paper Mill Road Bridge is a steel box arch structure with a span of 495 feet and an overall length of 670 feet that rises to a height of 99 feet over the Gunpowder Falls.  Innovative design elements and construction techniques allowed the bridge to be completed while protecting the public water supply below and preserving an existing historic bridge adjacent to it.  This JMT project was completed in 2000 and won the NSBA’s 2001 Prize Bridge Award for Long Span, along with several other national and regional awards.

Modern Steel Construction is a monthly publication of the American Institute of Steel Construction.

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