JMT can successfully take you through the process.

The release of $200M for the Bridge NY program, provides an opportunity to maintain and upgrade your infrastructure. If you are considering a funding request for a Bridge NY project, we can help. Our staff has the technical knowledge, and background of the process to assist with your application, and guide you through any questions or concerns that may arise.

JMT is strategically located across Central New York and well-positioned to provide professional services. Additionally, we have several former NYSDOT staff on hand who are familiar with Local Administered Federal Aid project procedures. Our experienced local staff will dedicate their time working with you from commencement, to successful application, to a completed project. JMT specializes in both large and small projects. We have extensive municipal experience with small culverts and bridges throughout New York both in design and performing bridge inspections for local and state bridges for NYSDOT Region 2 (current) and Region 3 (past).

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If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Charlie Kincaid at 315-937-2112,

Replacement of Caughdenoy Road (C-16) Bridge over Youngs Creek

Replacement of Hill Street Road Bridge over the Cayadutta Creek

Replacement of Hill Street Road Bridge over the Cayadutta Creek