Development and Staffing of Planning and Project Controls-

JMT has provided project control services to the City of Baltimore DPW since 2013 to develop processes to utilize Primavera Contract Management (CM14) and Primavera P6 for construction document management and project management.


Baltimore, MD


Baltimore City Department of Public Works




Project Controls

Services also included training over 300 department users and 100 external users for daily use of CM14. The documentation included providing a customized training manual based on the role of users within the department. JMT supported the establishment of a project controls division to track project documents, cost, and schedule related performance indicators and support field staff for electronic documentation.

We assisted DPW to procure the required infrastructure to support project controls applications such as P6, CM14, and BI including installation and configuration. The scope of work included installation, configuration, and implementation of CM14 and P6 for all DPW design divisions and construction sections. JMT team has developed numerous custom reports to support CitiStat meetings to report project status including minority participation. The work included processing contractor and design payments through electronic routing and approval.

JMT has also developed a program-wide schedule to support the entire project life cycle using P6; these projects track costs and schedule all ongoing efforts at DPW. Such a system provides support for efficient staffing of internal and external inspection staff for construction projects using the forecasting ability provided by the program schedule. P6 also supports the development of annual CIP for funding and budgeting for planned and ongoing project initiatives.

JMT continuously provides support to the City of Baltimore DPW by providing project controls staff to support the use of P6 and CM14 to manage the daily functions of DPW. JMT is the first line of support for any P6 and CM14 related issues for DPW since August 2013.