FERC Compliance for Hydroelectric Projects

JMT’s engineering and field services supported FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) permitting compliance.


Various locations, SC


Lockhart Power



Hydroelectric power is a renewable energy that plays an important role in the nation’s energy mix by using the power of moving water to generate electricity. For three hydroelectric power projects in South Carolina, JMT supported the regulatory and compliance activities related to environmental resources to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

JMT provided natural resource and regulatory expertise for projects owned or operated by Lockhart Power. Activities included a revised recreation plan for the 1.1 MW Pacolet hydroelectric project, coupled with a survey of the project area, identification of invasive plant species, and preparation of associated compliance reporting with regulatory agencies. Next, we provided monitoring for a migratory fish passage at a fish ladder constructed in the 9 MW Columbia hydroelectric project and provided associated compliance reporting to regulatory agencies. Lastly, at the Lockhart hydroelectric project, we conducted streamflow measurements downstream to verify minimum downstream flow releases. JMT facilitated meetings, prepared, and submitted administrative records demonstrating agency consultation and concurrence on compliance activities.