Camden County Guide Rail Safety Improvements

JMT designed improvements to upgrade guide rails, enhancing safety for motorists along county roads.


Camden County, NJ


Camden County Department of Public Works

JMT completed a roadway safety improvements project that involved preparation of design plans to upgrade existing guide rail assemblies located on Federal Street (CR 537) and Haddon Avenue (CR 561). The engineering design services included survey of existing conditions, base mapping, conditions assessment and warrant analysis, and preparation of plans, specifications, and estimates.

JMT staff prepared an individual assessment for each guide rail assembly and associated warranting obstruction. The individual assessment of guide rail included all design criteria, including leading/trailing end terminals, standard beam guide rail section, the spacer blocks, posts, and bridge connections/transitional features. JMT also evaluated and designed the replacement of other roadside safety features, such as crash cushions, following the applicable design standards and other guidelines.

JMT provided final design construction plans, specifications, and cost estimate.

A summary report for the entire project, as well as individual assessments of existing guide rail with all physical conditions, warranting analysis, and recommendations, was also submitted to the County.