Sussex County Guide Rail Upgrades and Safety Improvements

JMT designed guide rail upgrades to enhance safety for motorists along a county-maintained road.


Sussex County, NJ


Sussex County, NJ

While serving as an on-call engineer for Sussex County, JMT staff provided engineering design services for guide rail safety upgrades along CR 610 between Route 93 and CR 521.

To start, JMT staff completed on-site review of existing roadway conditions and guide rail warranting criteria. JMT performed engineering analysis for each guide rail assembly and developed a tabular summary identifying the recommended upgrades. The client and JMT verified proposed guide rail upgrades.

Next, JMT completed conceptual design plans for guide rail improvements using available aerial imagery and baseline information provided by the County. JMT completed engineering estimates, post spacing calculations and final engineering certification.

Finally, the construction plans submitted to the client included itemized quantities and cost estimate using county pricing reports.

JMT also completed on-site review of the construction, provided as-built plans, and construction certifications.