Lincoln Memorial Roof Repair

JMT provided construction management services as the roof system for the Lincoln Memorial was replaced.


Washington, DC


National Park Service

Being last updated in 1994, the roof system of the Lincoln Memorial began to show signs of failure. Water penetrated the roofing membrane, causing the substrate to heave and buckle and allowing water to flow freely under the roofing system. This leaking resulted in damage to the stone surfaces and could have potentially impacted the structural integrity of the roof support system and on the public spaces below.

JMT oversaw the construction management for the repairs, which involved installing a new roofing system at both the attic level and upper roof to protect the structure from further weather damage. This included the complete removal and replacement of the concrete deck, replacing damaged or deteriorated structural clay load bearing tile, replacing and upgrading roof drainage features encapsulated in historically significant fabric, replacing flashing, and installing aluminum caps to prevent future water intrusion at the top of the yule marble walls.

Our responsibilities included documenting and monitoring the contractor’s efforts to ensure compliance with contract requirements. Daily coordination between stakeholders was required to fulfill the contract provisions that the site, a national historic Icon, remain open to the public, properly protected, and secure.

Masonry work involved repairing and repointing 100% of the historic masonry for the penthouse/skylight area to provide better weatherization and repair damages sustained during the August 2011 earthquake. The existing condition of the masonry included significant cracks, spalling, weathering deterioration, and mortar loss in the upper portions of the Lincoln Memorial. Low roof walls were stabilized to prevent movement.