Public Safety Facility and Jail Renovation/Expansion

JMT (formerly ECM) provided program management services for new public safety facilities in Hays County, TX.


San Marcos, TX


Hays County, TX

JMT (as ECM International) provided program and project management services for the new public safety facility and jail renovation/expansion as part of Hays County’s $106 million public safety bond.

The state-of-the-art public safety building is located across from the County’s government center. The two-story facility houses the sheriff’s administrative offices, emergency management services, and 911 dispatch with new and high-tech safety operations to meet the growing County’s safety needs.

The facility also houses a criminal investigation division, records division, human resources department, and the office of compliance. The facility includes extensive site work to mitigate flooding, utility and roadway extensions, and appropriate setbacks and site design to meet anti-terrorism standards.

The jail renovation and expansion consisted of 104,000 SF to repurpose existing areas and provide new construction to add 285 beds to reach a capacity of 1,100 beds. The facility received a state-of-the-art security automation system and upgrades to the existing security system. The project was designed to incorporate photovoltaic panels on the roof of the building and includes water-saving controls. The jail expansion has four inmate educational areas, medical and mental health facilities, public visitation areas, a full kitchen and food area, and a laundry area. The original sheriff’s office was converted into administrative offices to support the jail staff. There are also critical renovations to the existing jail and the new construction of a training facility, a fleet/maintenance area and a warehouse.

JMT assisted the County with bond facilitation and provided program management services such as concept development, master budgeting, and master scheduling through occupancy. JMT also assisted in the procurement of the design team and construction services. JMT provided construction observations to assure a quality project was delivered.