Redevelopment of the Rodney Complex

Our Public Outreach experts assisted with promoting and informing the public of a proposed stormwater facility at the site of a former University of Delaware dorm.

JMT was responsible for the development and implementation of a comprehensive and collaborative public participation program for the redevelopment of a former University of Delaware dormitory complex into a stormwater management facility with park and rec amenities for public use.

The redevelopment will increase stormwater utility fees and users will have to vote to approve the loan the City needs to purchase the site, so early, collaborative, and continuous outreach with the public was vital to the success of the project.

Elements of the program and activities include:

• Project website language updates and project/meeting materials for posting:

• Stakeholder identification/research and interviews

• Attendance at local events to promote the project and opportunities to get involved

• Planning and logistics for three public workshops:

• Marketing for public workshops, including meeting flyers, emails, press releases, newspaper articles, and social media posts

• Preparation and production of materials for public workshops, such as display boards, handouts, and presentations

• Production and distribution of meeting summaries

• Individual presentations to smaller stakeholder groups and City Council

• Creation, administration, and reporting of survey results

• Maintenance of email distribution lists, communications log, and public participation activity log

• Assistance with referendum and public relations campaign ahead vote