Snow Removal Equipment Building at Harrisburg International Airport

JMT’s construction management staff worked hand-in-hand with SARAA to create a snow removal building for the airport that was attractive and efficient. 


Harrisburg, PA


Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority



In November 2015, the Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority (SARAA) opened the new snow removal equipment (SRE) building at Harrisburg International Airport (HIA). The state-of-the-art SRE building opened ahead of schedule and within budget, in large part due to the oversight of airport staff and JMT’s aviation construction management group. The 22,500 SF facility now houses the airport’s entire snow removal equipment fleet. This modern facility also serves as a friendly welcome to all visitors of HIA, with its western wall facing the airport entrance road, proudly sporting the HIA logo.

JMT managed multiple construction disciplines and numerous activities within this 70,500 SF construction site. At the SRE building’s airside access, the existing concrete apron was partially demolished to allow construction of the building foundation and the utility services. The construction was also sequenced with the restoration of the former airport terminal, optimizing embankment material re-use.

JMT provided professional services as the construction manager for the SRE building. That role included both construction management (CM) and construction inspection (CI). JMT provided full support to the SARAA staff in all activities for the project. Typical CM activities were submittal processing, review of contractor pay estimates, expediting requests for information, and coordinating resolution with the designer-of-record, and preparing as-built documentation.

SARAA was in the process of issuing documents and starting construction for several airport projects. An important need of the Authority for this project was successful execution of the CPM schedule. Work activities began promptly, and the schedule was advanced to accomplish a ribbon-cutting in a single construction season. Satisfying the schedule needs helped SARAA simplify the cash-flow process with FAA for the project funding and allowed follow-on developments in the adjacent landside areas to remain on schedule.