Solar Energy Cultural & Historical Resource Assessment

JMT performed a Phase I archaeological survey prior to property development by a solar energy provider.


Warren County, NC


Carolina Solar Energy



JMT completed an archeological survey at the request of Carolina Solar and the North Carolina Office of State Archaeology (OSA), prior to Carolina Solar developing a 520-acre property known as Hawtree Creek. The survey was conducted to ensure that resources eligible for or listed in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) located within the area of potential effect were not adversely affected by the proposed project.
JMT performed archaeological testing of the proposed project area to determine the presence of any historic or prehistoric archaeological sites, isolated finds, or features. The testing strategy for the Phase I archaeological survey of the project area was determined by the archival research, field observations, and a consideration of the solar array design plans for the project, and we included high-probability and low-probability testing areas.
Survey was accomplished by the systematic and judgmental investigation of approximately 520 acres. Visual inspection and shovel testing were used throughout the project area, and systematic metal detection sampling was used to assist in the delineation of a newly-identified, 19th-century home site. Thirteen previously unrecorded sites and resources were identified, including an African American cemetery, with occupations ranging from the Middle Archaic through the early 20th century.
Potential effects to this site were evaluated in the context of the NRHP, which recommended the avoidance of two resources. JMT worked in coordination with Carolina Solar and the OSA to ensure the successful avoidance of these resources.