Volar Barracks Building Renovation

Barr & Prevost, A JMT Division, provided fire/life safety compliance assistance to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Fort Campbell, KY.


Fort Campbell, KY


US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Barr & Prevost, A JMT Division, supported the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as it renovated and remodeled the Volar Barracks building, originally built in the mid-1970s, at Fort Campbell, KY. Barr & Prevost, teamed with Hughes Associates, provided a life/safety code-compliant building including fire protection system, one hour-rated corridors, and air conditioning for shared-use open areas in the building.

The project was awarded to Barr & Prevost as a result of work performed for a life safety/fire protection analysis of the stair and vestibule enclosure of the Volar Barracks. The renovation project was under construction at the time and, due to design changes, enclosing the stairs and converting the open courtyard to an internal vestibule resulted in an unintended fire/life safety issue. The team inspected the project and prepared recommendations related to the new design. This project was delivered on an accelerated schedule due to the safety hazards presented.

The building has four separate but attached three-story quads. Each quad is divided into eight, identical living suites per floor, and each suite has space for two occupants sharing a bathroom and kitchen. Design renovations were provided for the following areas: living suite spaces; entry corridor and kitchen; bathroom; bedroom window; common spaces; common corridor; and central light well.

Barr & Prevost received the 2012 SAME Kentuckiana Small Business Excellence Award as a result of our work on this project.