I-95 Section 100 Electronic Toll Lanes

JMT's construction management services for this contract included both corridor-wide responsibilities as well as project-specific construction management.

The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) developed the I-95 Master Plan Study, from Baltimore City to the Delaware State Line, to identify the long-range transportation needs of this important segment of Maryland’s interstate system. MDTA adopted the I-95 Master Plan, which identified four independent sections (100, 200, 300, and 400). Section 100 of I-95, the most congested section of I-95 in Maryland north of Baltimore, is comprised of eight different projects and includes the I-895(N), I-695, and MD 43 Interchanges.

JMT provided the contracts administrator for the eight projects comprising the Section 100 corridor. JMT also provided construction management services for Segment 1 of Section 100, which covers the section of I-95 from just south of I-695 to the I-95/I-895 interchange. This segment consists of three major projects with estimated construction values ranging from $54 million to more than $85 million. Our responsibilities included surveying, scheduling, and claims analysis, and project management, as well as inspection.

At the project level, JMT provided the project engineer, office engineer, and a staff of 11 experienced construction inspectors on Segment 1 to monitor the daily activities of the contractors. JMT’s safety officer for the I-95 Section 100 oversaw all contractor and inspector operations to ensure the safety of the workforce. JMT also provided a construction area engineer for Segment 3 and a corridor-wide document control manager for all of the projects involved in Section 100.